Have a suggestion? Want to let people know how your repair experience was with me? Well, leave it in the comment section below. No comments will be deleted. AT ALL! Your feedback is what keeps me going and improving.


2 thoughts on “Feedback/Testimonials

  1. I recently stumbled across a flyer that caught my eye. It said at the top “Have A Computer?” I stopped and read the flyer that gave me details to the services that Jamel (The Owner) and his company Simplr offered. I immediately remembered that my son had stepped on his computer causing a big black spot on the screen, that made it hard to see. I called the number on the flyer and asked Jamel how much it would cost and when could he have it done by. Long story short, I got my laptop back today. He dropped it off (major plus), and the price was DEFINITELY in my price range. He didn’t even make me pay him immediately. He said he would leave a bill in my mailbox, and to just mail him a check when I could. I couldn’t believe how down to Earth he is and how convenient his service was. Especially since I was at work when he brought me my son’s laptop. The laptop works fine the spot is gone, and he even cleaned it up making it run better FOR FREE! I will definitely recommend this company & Jamel to my friends and use his services in the future.

    Thanks Jamel!!!

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    • Thanks for the feedback and kind words Clarissa. If you need anything else just give me a call, and I will be sure to get to you as soon as possible.

      Also make sure to sign up for e-mail notifications that keep you up to date with my latest articles. 🙂


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