Four reasons I don’t restore a backup to new iPhones


I was showing my new iPhone 6 to a friend the other day and he was surprised to see that I had so few apps on my handset. I currently have 29, which barely takes up two home screens.

“Wait,” he said, “haven’t you used iOS since like forever? You had to have bought more apps than that.” He’s right, of course. You should have seen his jaw drop when I explained that I don’t restore backups after purchasing an new [company]Apple[/company] iPhone; I always set them up as new handsets.

kevins iphone 6 usage

Everyone’s iPhone use is different, of course, and my strategy won’t work for everyone, but I stopped restoring backups to handsets a long time ago. Here’s why.

1.  A new phone seems to run better with a “clean” install. Every year I hear more than a few people complaining about how crashy iOS is on their new iPhone

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