Samsung Puts Their Galaxy Where Their Butt Is?

After the release of the Apple iPhone 6/6 Plus, there has been an endless attack on the multinational consumer electronic corporation from social media. But of recent, Samsung has been the leading force in the internet satire dropping ad after ad of insults; Some as subtle as pointing out the features that are included with the Galaxy Note 4 in comparison to the iPhone 6, to the not so subtle as you can see in this video below:

Samsung has definitely decided to take advantage of the opportunity that presented itself, in the form of a flaw. Although by the looks of some their ads (like the one above), it almost seems as if they have had some of the insults written down and stored somewhere waiting for a moment like this. The next video below exploits the more recent “Bendgate” issue that has been circulating around the web; In it, Samsung puts its phone where its butt is:

This video surfaced 2 days ago, 6 days after Consumer Reports put out a video attempting to debunk the rumor. I can neither confirm nor deny that the iPhone 6/6 Plus bends as easily as some claim it does in their videos and images (not going to waste $ 850 even though I love you guys), but what I do believe is that it does bend, but under a considerable amount of weight. In the video you can see that Samsung used a faux butt to imitate a person sitting on their mobile phone in their back pocket. The problem with this is; 1) You shouldn’t put your phone in your back pocket because things like bending/breaking could happen. and 2) The average person weighs much more than 55-56lbs.

**ARGUMENT DIFFUSER** Before all of the Android/Samsung fan boys and girls try to attack me, please note that I myself am a big fan of Samsung & the Android OS—In fact I own a Samsung Galaxy S5. Now back to your regular article information.

According to Huffington Post, the average American man weighs 196lbs, and the average American woman weighs in at 156lbs. Of course all of your body weight is not being applied when sitting down, but 64% of it is. 64% of 196lbs is 125.44lbs, and 64% of 156lbs is 99.84lbs; That is enough weight to crush a human skull. If 64% of your weight can crush a human skull, then why can’t it bend your iPhone? It is completely unrealistic to assume that putting your mobile phone in your back pocket (unless it is the >> Indestructible Nokia 3310 << bar phone) is a safe place for a thin aluminum mobile device, because it will result in damage to either the Digitizer (Touchscreen), or the body of the phone. So in closing my recommendation is keep all phones, male/female, adult/children, out of your back pockets. If you want to debate on which devices are better then do so, but please leave something as silly as a bending problem (which can be easily avoided) out of it. Talk about its specs, or design, or features, something that actually measures whether or not it is adept in its capabilities. 🙂

As always I hope this and all of my articles are informative, fun, and edifying. If you have any suggestions, ideas, or even just a nice word or two, leave it in the comment section below. Your feedback keeps me going. Thanks for reading, and remember….”Simplr Is Better”!


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