A Simplr Display…….of Artistry.

I am featuring amazing individuals & small businesses once a week, EVERY week displaying their unique skill in their fields, and detailed info on what they offer. Also I am listing how you can reach out to them for using their service, suggestions, or just compliments on how much you love what they have to bring to the table. This week I have stumbled upon an AMAZING person with an incredibly beneficial and low priced service not just for the day-to-day consumer, but also for technicians, small businesses, and anyone who appreciates art in anyway.


Her name is Jacklyn Kirk of Grand Prairie, Canada.

Now I am sure that there are some of you that are staring at your screens wondering “How does art have ANYTHING to do with technology in anyway”? To answer that question I will introduce you to the title of “Digital Artist”.

Digital art is an artistic work or practice that uses computer programs as an essential part of the creative or presentation process” (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia).

That definition was simple enough so there was no need to simplify it anymore 😉 (Thanks Wikipedia). Not only does Jacklyn create amazing pieces digitally, but she also finds ways to apply her artwork onto a canvas, paper, or your consumer electronics. That’s right, SHE DRAWS ON YOUR DEVICES! Portraits, Wallpapers, Unique device designs, Tattoo designs, you name it—she does it! Check out a few videos of Jacklyn’s work below in a playlist:

I have used and experienced Jacklyn’s skills to create some breathtaking pieces of art for an UNBELIEVEABLY reasonable price, and I must say with her amazing ability to capture every detail of whatever it may be that you require artistically, she seriously brings an entirely new meaning to the word GENIUS.


I am not the only one who feels that she has an impeccable gift; Here is some feedback she receives from her fans and customers alike when she gives them a peek at what she is currently working on:


To see more of what Jacklyn is capable of doing, check out her >>Youtube<< channel where she has speed videos showing you the process of what it takes to create some of her captivating artwork, or you can also check her out on >>Facebook<< for her latest updates on her newest creations. She also has some of her pieces readily available for you guys to purchase at her online shop. Click the image below if you want to support her & see if anything in her shop appeals to you. (I like the Phone cases and custom game designs)

Jacklyn’s Online Shop


If you are looking to contact Jacklyn to request some artwork to be done for your company, personal use or maybe you just want to compliment her on what she does, you can shoot her an e-mail at : xo.jdlklovesart_@hotmail.com

I hope this information brought you enlightenment and insight on supporting small businesses & entrepreneurs like Jacklyn to further their success in their technical career fields. Stay tuned for more info on the up and coming talent in your area that can make technology convenient and interesting, but above all else…Simple.

Thanks for reading.


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